Tuesday 15 April 2014

7 simple marketing tips for shy freelancers

Are you a shy freelancer like me? You want to promote your services but you feel uncomfortable? I feel exactly the same. However, we need to do something about it because, as freelancers, we need to get out there and do stuff. This is the only way clients will notice us. So, here are seven simple marketing tips that I came up with in order to help myself. Hope you find them useful :)


If you want to market your services in an open, confident culture, you have to find ways to become more assertive. However, if you want to market your services in a culture which values modesty, your introvert style is more than perfect. For example in Greece, when someone is talking constantly about their achievements, it is considered bragging. Moreover, when a product or service is advertised a lot, people become skeptical. So first of all think if your style is already fit for the culture you are aiming your services at.


When it comes to marketing, you should develop your own, personal style. First know yourself and then just be yourself. This is what matters most. And remember, your brand is you. You can't change all of a sudden! Embrace yourself and try to change only the things you feel really uncomfortable with, ignoring each new trend that comes your way.


If focusing on yourself makes you self-conscious, why not focus instead on the things you can do for others? Think of how your services can help others and promote your business along these lines. This way it will be easier for others to grasp exactly what you can do for them.


If you feel uncomfortable about marketing your services, you should start small. A small website or blog, a few business cards, some phone calls are more than adequate when you start. And slowly but surely, you will get the hang of it. And no matter what, don’t compare yourself with others. They had started small, too!  


Since it feels weird to talk about yourself, why not shift the attention to your brand image? It is going to be much easier if you talk about your brand and its special qualities. This brand is you, of course, but this way you will trick yourself and will overcome your shyness.


A complicated brand, website, or business plan is only going to confuse both you and your clients, making you even more nervous and self-conscious. Why not try simple, clear-cut elements at first? Be simple!


Think of your shyness as a good thing, a positive attribute that is directly linked to your kind-hearted personality. You shouldn’t give it up. Rather, try to transform it into something more: become a balanced professional, who knows their limitations but who also claims their place in the freelancing world, knowing their strong points and confidently, not braggingly, asserts: here I am, I am good, work with me!

Thanks for reading!


Patricia said...

Wow, suits me perfectly! Thank you!

Sofia Polykreti said...

Thanks so much for your comment Patricia! I'm so glad you liked it!

Unknown said...

As I was reading, I was pretty sure you were writing the article for me.

Thank you for sharing, Sofia.

Sofia Polykreti said...

Oh Ana, what a nice thing to say. Thank you! :)

Natasha said...

Sofia, you hit the nail on the head with this one -- on so many levels -- thanks! :)

Sofia Polykreti said...

You're so welcome, Natasha! Thank you for your comment! :)

Daniela said...

Sounds easier and simpler, I like it! thank you :)

Sofia Polykreti said...

You're welcome, Daniela! Thanks very much! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sofia. Thank you very much for this post. It was like I was reading about myself. It's good to know there are other translators feeling the same. Uff! What a relief :)

Sofia Polykreti said...

Hi Zaneta! Thanks so much for your comment! Freelancing is sometimes hard, but it's definitely worth it! :)

Tea Translations said...

Wow, this one is really great. I thought I am the only one having trouble promoting my services. It was really helpfull!

Sofia Polykreti said...

Thanks! Yeah, I thought exactly the same about me :)