Sunday 8 December 2013

How many things you love can you share in 10 minutes?

Olga Arakelyan was the first to share in ten minutes the things she loves.

Then, her blog post inspired Alina Cincan from Inbox Translation to ask a group of fellow translators to do exactly the same. I feel so happy that she included me in this group as well. And I have to say, after reading Alina’s post I feel I know her on a more personal level.

Hopefully the same will happen to you with me and my list.

It is great to be able to connect like this through blogging, and I'm grateful to have met all of you.

So, how many of these things can I share in just ten minutes?

1. Books. I read a lot of books. Around forty a year. And I’m buying more books than my bookcases can hold.
2. Language learning materials and dictionaries. I am addicted to them!
3. Good food, preferably exotic and difficult to pronounce. I also love trying new recipes!
4. The Acropolis. If I don’t go downtown to see the Acropolis from afar at least once a month, something’s not quite right with me.
5. Walking in Athens. In this respect, I’m a flâneur… love to stroll about, catching glimpses of this ever-changing city.
6. All things English.
8. Christmas decorations. One can never have too many!
9. Travelling and exploring new places.
10. The sea.
11. Snow.
12. Cats.
13. Maps and geography. Since I was a kid, I was always on the lookout for the most faraway places and said: I shall go there one day!
14. Icelandic mythology… trolls, giants, Loki, etc.
15. Antique surveying instruments.
16. Astronomy.
18. Birdwatching.
19. Gardening.
20. Baking bread.

Thank you so much Alina for having such a wonderful idea. Looking forward to your next one!


Alina Cincan said...

Hi, Sofia! Thank you for accepting this fun challenge. So, let's see what we have in common (apart from languages and translation): books - oh, yes, I love them and do read a lot as well. Food - I prefer simple foods I guess, not necessarily exotic ones. English - yes, yes and yes again. Mythology - though it is the Greek mythology I am in love with.

Thank you for such a lovely list.

Sofia Polykreti said...

Thanks ever so much for your comment, Alina. I forgot to mention sushi. I could eat tons of it, be sure. I am happy we have so much in common. Thanks again for your challenge, I am looking forward to your next wonderful idea!

mosaicology said...

Your list is so interesting Sofia! I can relate to n. 3 and n. 11 is perfect but without the freezing cold. xo

Sofia Polykreti said...

Thanks for your comment, Magda!